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It's moon buggy time again for year 1 and 2. We've made the body - just the wheels and axles to add!

Creating a healthy salad for an explorer was the DT for Bullfinch in the Autumn term. We were taste adventurers too and made sure we tried something new.

Goldfinch have been creating super models with mechanical systems and cams

Chaffinch have investigated, designed, planned, made and evaluated a healthy sandwich based on foods eaten by Romans. We developed our questioning skills and learned new terminology before applying new skills such as chopping, spreading and grating. Our combinations were delicious 😋 well, mainly.

For more photos, follow the link to our class page. 

Bullfinch created some marvelous finger puppets. Sewing skills were refined and such great results achieved!

Chaffinch - switches and 2d frames/reinforced materials. We linked our DT into our European topic and built a monument to light up using switches made from everyday materials.

Chaffinch - photo frames. We have enjoyed investigating materials, features and functions of photo frames. After evaluating, we planned then made our own wooden frames as Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Evaluation and review was the final step.

Goldfinch Class Summer 2021 - The World on our Plate: we investigated food sources from around the world and made meals from different countries. Which meal had the most miles to plate?

Goldfinch Class (Spring 2021): Our moving mechanisms project had a Space Theme ranging from the solar system to Star Wars and Among Us. We investigated the movement of different cam mechanisms before designing and building our own frames to house our moving mechanisms. Our classroom was extremely industrious all week. Lots of us felt like this was 'proper DT!'.

Come Dine with Me: Ancient Greece. For this DT project, the children researched the food that would have been eaten by the ancient Greeks, before planning and considering the health benefits of their own ancient Greek menus. The whole school smelt delicious with the mouth watering aromas that came from the children's kitchen. But, it is certain that the best part was tasting and evaluating each other's menus. Some of us even went on the investigate contemporary Michelin chefs from Athens who have added a a modern twist to Greek cooking.