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Parent Mail


Signs of Spring - we explored the grounds and headed over to the field to find signs of spring. It inspired some of our writing and art work too!

Our tadpoles are growing so fast - I wonder if we'll have any back legs before we break up for Easter?

It's so good to all be back together again - special times with friends!

Our DT work - canoe creations! Can you tell your grown ups how you made it?

Welcome Back Beautiful Bullfinch


We can't wait to welcome you all back to Bullfinch, especially our new year one friends. We have lots of exciting things planned and I know we'll have a lot of fun!

Take a look at the photos of our display boards. Can you spot your photo on our Spring Display? If not, you can still email in your photo to put on there this week. 


Underneath the display you'll see some books. Some relate to our Polar Explorer topic but two relate to something completely different. I have added something else for you to enjoy this term - do you know what it might be? 

A campfire, hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows to celebrate the end of term.

We were so lucky to receive special Christmas badges that had been personalised for each of us by Sue. We took time to study them and enjoy the feel of them in our hands. We drew round them and thought about the things that make each of us special and unique. Once this was done, they were hung in our wreaths ready to go home.

Christmas lunch, fun and games!

Creating the art work that went with the poem, 'Wonder'. We took a line of the poem at a time and built the scene up as we interpreted the words.

Wreath Making - Wow, what superb florists Bullfinch are. They have made the most amazing Christmas wreaths! Have a look through our slideshow to see how hard they worked to get the final result. The smell in our classroom absolutely epitomises the time of year!

Lots of scientific fun with balloons - we investigated air pressure and static electricity.

Kite making. How high did you make yours fly?

Our leaf art - can you recognise the animals we've made? Do you know which tree your leaf came from?

Making Ball and Cup toys. We got pretty good at catching these!

Fun on the field! We're really seeing some brilliant results with our skippers.

A busy half term in Bullfinch - Outdoors as much as possible, but sometimes too busy to capture all the great work they have been doing! Here's a snap shot...

Welcome back to a new term - September 2020


Please find below a presentation for parents with some information for our class bubble.

Hello to all our Beautiful Bullfinch Girls and Boys,


It's the last week of term and we wanted to say how incredibly proud we are of each and every one of you. You've been amazing during this lockdown period and have all made it work for you... It's not been easy I'm sure and we'd have loved to have had all of you in school as normal, but it wasn't to be. 


Enjoy this last week - wellbeing is our focus, then the whole summer holiday awaits and I bet you have lots of exciting things planned. 


We can't wait to welcome you all back to school in September, be it Bullfinch or Chaffinch - We can't wait to see your smiling faces ready and raring to go for an action packed year. 


Keep on smiling and being the Brilliant Bullfinch that you are! 


Love from Mrs Metcalfe and Mrs Crowe


See if you can do one activity from each list every day! We can't wait to see what you do...


Hello Bullfinch - 2 weeks left of term, can you believe it? 


This week's home learning will look a lot more relaxed as we make sure to find time to think about eating healthily and to focus on our wellbeing!  You've all worked incredibly hard these past few months!


We thought you all might to have a think about his story of The Teddy Bear's Picnic - there's a story to read and powerpoint to share. You'll find a lesson plan overview with some ideas on it for you to try too. Once you've gone through this you might like to send your own invitation to ask someone to join you for your very own picnic, or perhaps your own teddies will join you. Hopefully the sun will shine for you! There's also an activity about designing a sandwich and planning a healthy lunch too, which you might like to have a go at, along with a couple of reading activities. Don't feel that all these activities need to be completed - they are there if you need them.


Just enjoy a picnic with friends or family, eat healthily to fuel your brain and body and hopefully relax with the warmth of the sun on your face! 


You'll find all the documents you need below, along with some further phonics, maths and spelling activities for your year group that can be carried out at your leisure. 


Enjoy the week - we're very proud of all your hard work! Looking forward to seeing some of you in school again this week. Keep on smiling and don't forget to send your photos in too. 


Mrs Metcalfe and Mrs Crowe 

Have a look at all these brilliant photos of your learning - so lovely to be able to include more of you in the slideshow this week. See if you can spot yourself!

Hello lovely Bullfinch - another week passes...

I hope you're all keeping well and staying safe. It was lovely seeing more of you return in year 2 - you have definitely all grown!


This week's home learning will look slightly different and you'll find it below under your year heading. If we were all at school normally then we'd be celebrating Sports Day this week so there's a focus on this so that you can still take part at home if you're able. Exercise is so important for our wellbeing and to maintain good health, so give it a go if you can! I look forward to seeing all your results come flying in.


Have a great week and I look forward to seeing your smiling faces in school again on your set days. 


Mrs Metcalfe 

Year 1 Home Learning 29.6.20


This week in school we will continue working on Jack and the Beanstalk and all fairytales in general. I've included an activity book for you to have a go at at your leisure. There are lots of activities in there to complete through the week. I've included the powerpoint of the story again so that you can recap the story first. The curriculum activities set last week can carry on into this week too, so they're there again if you haven't had a chance to complete those we haven't done in school. Remember to keep thinking about all fairy tales and enjoying the stories you can find. I'll add the link that we've been using in school too, along with some phonics revision and a few more reading comprehensions.


This week brings us to the last unit in our Maths Books. There are two more lessons on time and I've included in the powerpoint, copies of the pages you'd find in your practice books, so that you can complete at home on Monday and Tuesday. We then have 3 lessons thinking about money which we'll do in school on Wednesday - Friday for those coming in. For the following two weeks, we will recap some aspects of our maths but it will have a much more general theme. 


Mrs Vanstone and Mr O'Reily have put together some PE activities so that we can all take part in a virtual Sports Day - This is the main focus of the week so make sure you get your sports kit and trainers on and get sporty at home. Please send in your results. I can't wait to see some photos...


Have a good week all and take care 

Mrs Metcalfe 

Hello Year 2,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. It was lovely to see some of you working with Mrs Dodds in school.

 At the end of this week we would have been having our sports day. Mrs Vanstone and Mr O’Reilly have been working really hard  to organise an event for you to complete at home. Physical activities are important for our health and wellbeing.

Year 2 Home learning 29.06.20.

This week we are focusing on health and wellbeing. Our home learning is going to look slightly different.

In English we are going to be focusing on handwriting, spelling and grammar. There is also one comprehension so you can continue to read regularly.

In maths we are going to continue with the problem solving activities which are helping you to revise.

There are some other topic activities listed below which include maths games, art and science. These are optional activities. I know some of you are also finding other learning of your own. Please share any photos of your home sports day.

Mrs Crowe

Hello to all in Bullfinch - yet another week has passed and I bet you're all growing by the minute too! An exciting week for lots of you as we welcome some year 2 back tomorrow. I hope you're all looking forward to it. It's ok to be feeling a little nervous too - it's been a long time since you've been at school, but I can assure you that you'll have a wonderful time with Mrs Dodds! If you aren't coming back in, then I hope you're keeping well and you can find your work below. Please do keep sending your photos in as we love to see them! 


Year 1 - it's been lovely working with you over the past few weeks and I'm looking forward to another action packed few days. We're going to be thinking about Traditional/Fairy tales and paying close attention to Jack and the Beanstalk. There are a few activities that we will be carrying out at school, so save those for then if you're coming in. I've included lots of extension activities around this unit if you wanted to do more during the week too.


Our Maths moves onto a unit all about time - I've set the work to match up with a lesson in your books for each day this week, so if you come to school and your book is there, then there are a couple of activities you can do to get you ready for recording later in the week.


English includes some more phonics and reading for Monday and then we start thinking about our fairy tales from Tuesday onwards.  


There's lots to keep you busy - I hope you have a good week and I'll see some of you on Wednesday. Don't forget your sun hat and put cream on before you come to school each day as we'll be doing lots outside too. 


Mrs Metcalfe 

Hello Year 2.

I hope you have had a good week. 

This week we will be continuing with our T4W booklet called ‘The magic teaching box’. I have included the links for the booklet and the guidance below. Please continue to follow the RWI phonics online daily, working on set 3. Keep reading regularly. I have included another SPAG mat and four more Grammar and Punctuation cards. Use the activities listed on Education City to revise before completing these. There is also a comprehension about pirates, 'Jake's first day.'

Continue to work on your two and five times table out of order. You will have noticed these tables being used during problem solving last week. Continue to also use Rock Stars.

Last week we completed the Power Maths book for the Summer term. This week I have given you some White Rose problem solving activities. You should complete one page each day. Please show your working out for each one and record any number sentences.There is also some further maths listed under the topic activities.

The topic activities this week are continuing with the theme of pirates and are listed in the topic activities below. I have dated the topic activities this week to show you which activities are being completed each afternoon. 


Mrs Crowe

Hello Bullfinch! Another week has flown by... I hope you're all keeping well and still managing to keep up with some bits of home learning where you can. I've loved seeing all the photos and films of you working hard and keeping busy. Keep sending them in! 


Year 1 home learning is below - there are some activities for you all to have a go at on Monday and Tuesday. The English activities focus on phonics and reading and the Maths is thinking about number bonds to 10 so that you can get your brains working for the recording we'll do in our maths book later in the week. 


Keep up with the phonics sessions on line if you are able. Keep up with set 3. There is a link to a bumper pack of reading comprehensions that you might enjoy too. 


I've put some extra curriculum activities for this week and they're all to do with RAINBOWS. You might enjoy the Go Jetters episode and I can't wait to see your Rainbow Floss!


Have fun with whatever learning you do this week and I'll look forward to seeing my year ones again on Wednesday. Keep up the good work and keep smiling!


Mrs Metcalfe 

Hello Year 2.

I hope you have had a lovely week. I am really missing seeing you all at school. I hope you enjoy all the new photographs this week.

This week we are beginning a new T4W booklet called ‘The Magical Teaching Box’ which will last for two weeks. There is a guidance document to advise you what to complete on each day. Keep working through the RWI phonics schedule and continue to read regularly. I have included another SPAG mat and four more ‘Grammar and Punctuation’ cards for you to complete. I have listed some activities on Education City to help you to revise your grammar and punctuation before completing these.

Did you manage to practise your two and five times tables this week? How well do you know them out of order? Did you notice how useful they were when reading the scales on containers used in volume and capacity activities and the scales on thermometers when working on temperature?

In maths this week we are returning the work in unit 12 involving problem solving. I have attached the teachers notes so that your grown up can help you if it is tricky. There is some problem solving involving addition and subtraction and also some problem solving involving multiplication and division. Continue to practise your two and five times tables.  Continue to use Rock Stars to practise your times tables.


The topic activities this week follow a pirate theme. There is a pirate comprehension differentiated by the three stars. I have selected some pirate dot to dots for you to use to practise counting in 5’s. There is a powerpoint about the history of pirate ships with a pirate ship for you to label. There is also  a pirate treasure map to make. There are some  pirate craft activities and a pirate telescope to make. There is also a pirate flag for you to design.


Mrs Crowe

Welcome to another week lovely Bullfinch boys and girls! It's a shame the sun has stopped shining so brightly on us, but I'm sure you've still managed to enjoy lots of time outdoors and dodged the showers! 


It's been lovely to see some of you back at school this week!


Year one will continue with their Talk 4 Writing text,  'Sayeeda the Pirate Princess' and the topic activities will follow this theme. Remember that the maths will only follow your work books for Wednesday through to Friday and the English has a couple of stand alone activities to complete, so that the children who come in to school in year 1 can all be at the same starting point. We will also endeavour to complete the art activity in school this week, so leave that one for then if you can!


Remember to follow the phonics programme that I attached to last week's work too and Mrs Gan has attached some lovely music activities for you to enjoy as well. 


Year two will have your work set out by Mrs Crowe and you'll find that below, but keep up with the phonics work too and enjoy the music.  


I hope everyone is keeping well and that you're all still smiling your beautiful smiles and doing your best in all you do - remember that lots of learning can happen in all environments, and I bet your brains are growing in so many wonderful ways! Have a look at the photos on our slideshow below and see if you can spot your friends and see what they have been up to both in school and at home. Keep sending in your photos, and as always, don't forget you can make contact via email if you need to.


Mrs Metcalfe 

Hans Zimmer Hes a Pirate.mp3

Year 2

You have the English booklets to continue this week. I will add them below for you to use if you have not printed it out. Keep reading regularly and continue to use the regular online phonics. There is also a comprehension about the NHS, some grammar and punctuation cards to complete 4 of each week, and a SPAG mat. The comprehension and SPAG mat are differentiated. At the bottom of each page, is a star. 1 star is the easiest version, 3 stars is the hardest. Choose the most suitable one for your learning. 

Before beginning your maths on Monday, revise the vocabulary of ‘volume,’ and ‘capacity,’ by looking at the slide on page 138. Talk about the difference between these two words with your grown up. Each morning revise the vocabulary given in the pink box, ‘after the lesson,’ at the end of the previous day.

The practical maths lessons, in unit 14, give opportunities to practise using number sentences with all four operations +-x÷. Record these number sentences where they need to be used.

Try to regularly practise your 2 and 5 times tables, in order and out of order, so you can begin to recall these facts instantly. 

Remember to continue to use Rockstar’s to practise your times tables!


Mrs Crowe

Lots of photos to share this week - from home and from school. Can you spot your friends in the slideshow?

Welcome back to you all  - 1st June 2020

We hope you all had a wonderful half term and enjoyed the beautiful weather without having to worry about school work! 


Who got the answer to Rose's riddle? Lots of you sent me your answers, so well done! Henry has sent us one for this week;  

                       Big Ears

                       Long nose

                       Really heavy

                       Gigantic toes                      Send me in your answers!


This week the planning is going to look a little different in layout on here. As some children from year 1 are returning from Bullfinch and Rosefinch to work with me in school, I am now just setting all the year 1 work. Mrs Crowe will now set all the year 2 work. I'll position everything you'll need under each year heading.


The year ones still have a weekly plan as before, but Monday and Tuesday  for both English and Maths, will be stand alone activities. This is so that the children coming into school on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will all be able to work from the same starting point, irrespective of what work has been completed at home at the beginning of the week. Year one topic activities all link to bubbles as we'll be returning to our own special little bubble in school. Year two can have a go at this too if the weather's good and it's something that interests you.


I'm looking forward to seeing some of your faces in school again this week - and for those of you who aren't coming back;  keep smiling, enjoy your home learning and keep sending in your photos so we can see what you're all getting up to.   


Have a good week and remember it's OK to have butterflies in your tummy if you're coming back for the first time this week. We'll make sure you feel safe and happy as soon as you set foot through the door!

Love Mrs Metcalfe 


Year 2 home learning w/c 1.6.20

I hope you had a lovely half term! I am really missing you at school. I have been very impressed by all your home learning, and it has been lovely to see all your photos. You are all doing amazingly well.

There is  a new talk for writing booklet to begin this week, especially for year 2 called ‘Rainbows, rainbows everywhere!’ based on non-fiction texts. The link to the booklet is on the class page. The activities are spaced out over a fortnight.  Reading, phonics, spelling and handwriting are also important. I have resent the links on the class page. Remember you also have the read theory.

Your maths unit is all about mass, weight and volume. Before beginning your work about weight and mass this week, look at any full food packets you have at home. How much do they weigh? How heavy of light do they feel? Use your hands and arms as a balance, to compare heavier than and lighter than. Before beginning the work about volume on Friday, look for any containers in your home, which hold liquid. How many litres, or parts of litres does each one hold?                                                                              


 Remember you also have times tables rockstars to work at! 

There are some other activities for you to have a go at, and they are listed on the curriculum activities printout. 

Keep sharing photos of all your learning, whatever it is. It’s all valuable and lovely to see!

Mrs Crowe

Still image for this video
Bullfinch Home Learning week beginning  18.5.20

It's the last week before half term - can you believe it? It's also Mental Health Awareness Week too so our afternoon activities reflect this and how important it is to keep thinking positively, be proud of the person that you are and to spend some time having fun. I especially look forward to seeing the photos of your castles and fortresses that you might design for DT! Our English work uses a traditional tale but in varying formats - see where your imagination might take you... Each year group has their usual maths to work through for the week and there are some reading comprehensions to have a go at if you wanted. 

Keep up the hard work lovely Bullfinch and enjoy a rest week next week. Have a look in our photo gallery and see if you can spot your friends beavering away. This week, Rose has asked if she can set you all a riddle;  


What am I? 

Stripey hider

Long tail

Fine hunter

Large male!

Do you have any ideas? Email your answers in. 

Look at all these busy children - we love receiving your photos. Have a look at the incredible dragonfly shots one clever spotter managed to capture!

Bullfinch Home learning 11.5.20

How are all you lovely Bullfinch girls and boys? We're missing having you in school... You're all doing brilliantly, I know! Keep up all the hard work in all areas of your learning - remember there is so much to learn about our big, wide world so keep exploring all those things that interest you. 


You have the English booklets to continue with this week. I'll add them below for you to use if you haven't printed it out. Keep up the daily reading  and have a go at the online phonics too if you can. I've added a reading comprehension for those that want it - there are lots more available on Twinkl. I can send links if you can't find them. 


Lots of you have found the Maths tough, especially in year 2 - it's tricky work! I want you to leave the unit we have been working on and move to the next one. It's all about time. Year 1 keep working through in order, you're on a new unit too though. I've added more of the teacher notes to the powerpoint so that your grown ups can help you more if you need it. 


There are some other activities for you to have a go at and they are listed on the Curriculum Activities printout. All the links you need will be below too if you are able to print. Remember you can record your work in lots of ways if you don't want to use these. 


Keep sharing photos of your learning with us, whatever it is - it's all valuable and we love seeing it!

Mrs Metcalfe and Mrs Crowe


Busy Bullfinch Children

Our very own Winston Churchill impressions!

Still image for this video

Welcome to another week Bullfinch 4.5.20

This week we're thinking about VE Day - a special 75th anniversary this year!


It's a four day week this week, but you can spread the work out to best suit you and your family. Remember to make this home learning work for you and spend each day as you see fit. It's really important that you read each day, if nothing else. Did anyone do the reading comprehensions from last week? I'll add a few more in for year 1 - remember to match the stars for text and questions. Year 2 now have the Read theory and the Times Tables Rock Stars to work on, so let me know how it goes. Keep up with the online phonics too if you can - all this will help when we get back to school!


English has another booklet for each year group and accompanying notes to help spread it through the following fortnight. Maths has the slides as per usual and your books to work in at home. Year 1 have a different activity for Thursday so you can consolidate your learning and we'll move onto a new unit next week. There are some VE Day activities for other subjects - all can help with the celebrations too. 


I've loved seeing your photos - I'll add a few more from this week. Are you having a special celebration for VE Day on Friday? Send your photos in if you do.


Remember that learning happens all around us - Someone who I hold in very high esteem told me once, 'that the day you stop learning is the day you stop living.' I'm still learning each and every day. There's so much going on around us - take it all in!


Keep up the good work Bullfinch - we're super proud of you all

Mrs Metcalfe and Mrs Crowe

Busy Bullfinch Children

Home Learning Week Beginning 27.4.20


Hello lovely Bullfinch - I hope you're all keeping well! Thank you for all the lovely photos from this past week. I'll add them below. Mrs Crowe and I love seeing them all. 


I hope you're getting on OK with your home learning. Remember to just get on with those bits that you can. Any learning that you're doing will be of benefit and it can happen anywhere and everywhere!


English is a continuation of the project that started last week. I'll add it again to this week's printouts etc in case you need it. I've managed to lay the maths pages out differently in the Powerpoint - I hope this helps you all a little more. The extra activities for working on throughout the week in other subjects are attached and you'll find all the links you might need for that below. 


Some people have asked for some handwriting practice sheets and some extra reading comprehensions, so I've added those too. It might be something different to try this week if you fancied it. Each of the three reading comprehensions are differentiated. At the bottom of each page is a star. 1 star is the easiest version, 3 stars the hardest. Make sure you match the stars with the text and the answer sheet - don't do all three versions of all three texts!


Keep up with the phonics if you can - Set 3 will suit most of you in Bullfinch. I've attached the timetable for the sounds each day and the link to find the Youtube channel.


I'm sure you're all doing brilliantly - keep sending in your photos and messages. 

Look at all the crazy spiders - and busy workers too!

Welcome back to all of you in Bullfinch - we're missing seeing your smiley faces each day! I hope you've all had a good Easter break and  have been relaxing with your families. It's been great seeing the photos you have been sending in via email. Keep them coming this week...


Here's the week's home learning - have a go at what you can, when you can. Please don't ever make it a battle to complete.I'm sure lots of other learning is happening every day anyway, so send me photos of that too!


English is an activity booklet to complete over the next two weeks - there is a word document that outlines what to do each day. The spider powerpoint might help with some activities.


Have a go at the spellings I've sent a link to (on Twinkl-look at term 3). Keep up with the online phonics too as it's all good practice. Remember to read every day, on your own or listen to a grown up read to you.


Maths is in a powerpoint document for each year. We're starting the new book C for recording.It's important to remember that the questions get harder as you progress through the practice book each day. It might be that your child only manages the first 2 questions - that's ok!


There are some other activities you might like to complete too for curriculum subjects. If you need a print out then they are below. 


Have fun!

Some more photos of busy Bullfinch children

Some Easter activities for you to enjoy over the coming weeks. Plenty more ideas on Twinkl if you want some specific Maths or English ones.

A busy week for Bullfinch - painting, creating and exercising! Keep sending them in to the parent email. Mrs Crowe and I love seeing them!

Home Learning Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Dear Parents,

I've attached the whole week's learning in one go so you can work at your pace with your child and make it work for you. Please remember this isn't a list of work that MUST be done with your child, just some ideas of modified lessons that would have been carried out at school this week. To that end, there is so much more available online if you want more for your child. Please remember that each family is different - it's so easy to feel you're lacking when you scroll through people's newsfeeds etc. You're doing what's right for your family and your children! It's what I keep telling myself!


Enjoy the week - I'll keep checking in on emails each day and help where I can. I've asked for some photos to be sent in this week if you can. I'll try and upload on here for you all to see...




Maths year 1 and 2  

I've put each year group into a powerpoint with the introductory slides and then the page to work on in maths books. Year 1 have a few printable sheets if you have a printer, as they've come to the end of a unit. 

English Year 1 and 2 

The week overview is for Reception, year 1 and year 2. Please find the printouts where appropriate. If you have no printer then work can be carried out in their exercise books. The reading comprehension for Thursday is differentiated by stars. Decide which text to read and answer by matching 1, 2 or 3 stars. Remember phonics is online each day at 10.30 and saves for 24 hours to watch at your leisure. I look forward to seeing your works of art with your Minibeast creations if you can take a photo and send it!

It's Friday!


I hope you've had as good a week as can be expected in the circumstances. Some of you might have found your rhythm and realised what works for you... Others might still be finding their way as to what works each day. I know I am with my boys!


Use the bits that work for you. Find extras along the way. Most importantly though, do what works for you and your family during this time. Don't underestimate the value in something as simple as sharing a book or a film together. 


English today is a little spelling and grammar activity. 

Maths continues with our respective units.

Phonics at 10.30 - these stay online for 24 hours if you can't make the set time when it goes live. 


See you next week.






Good Morning, 

You can print off the English to  complete, or look at it online and complete it in your exercise books. Remember the long date if you do this. How creative and  imaginative can you be with your writing? 


Maths has the usual slides and you can record in your maths books. 


Don't forget to tune into phonics at 10.30 - have a go at writing today's sound and words in your book. 


Keep enjoying this sunshine and get outside in your gardens or private spaces as much as you can. 

Good morning all,

I hope you're all keeping well and are still smiling! Mrs Gan has added a link below to some songs we all know. We love singing in Bullfinch so keep doing it. You might be able to find our song about 'The Tongue' from the link provided. Important words to remember in that. Can you teach someone in you family our 'Cuckoo' song? Can you get all the way up to 10 cuckoos? 


Today, there's a writing activity thinking about sentences. You can choose which one to do.


The reading comprehension questions are differentiated by little stars. 1 star is the easiest and 3 stars is the trickiest - decide together which you want to do as you don't have to answer them all. These can be done verbally if you don't want to print it all out, or you could record the answers in your exercise book. 


Maths has the two usual pages to discuss before going onto the recording in your book. Both units can easily be covered in a practical way by the children, so don't feel you have to always complete the questions. 


Phonics as before - tune in at 10.30 for set 3 sounds

I hope you got on ok with the home learning yesterday. Keeping things simple again for today and have included a little handwriting practice too. Remember that the weekly activity ideas for other subjects are listed under yesterday's date. Enjoy!

Daily Phonics - tune in at 10.30 on YouTube for set 3 sounds


Details for finding the right site are under yesterday's home learning



Dear Parents,


Please find below activities for our first day of online learning in Bullfinch Class. This is a period of transition for us all and I want the children to remain as happy and joyful as they possibly can be. Please, please don't think that this all needs to happen in some set timetable. Do what works for you and your child, but be prepared for the days when you all might struggle to feel like you have achieved anything between you. 


The weekly activities that I have set this week should be simple enough to be accessed independently by your child. Some might need more help than others, but see how they get on. The maths input slides are best if discussed with you first before they go on to work in their books. The English activity might be something that they decide to do a little of each day as they settle into this new way of learning. Phonics will give you the link for a daily online programme you can use with your child.


Have a go and let's see what works. If you can continue to read with your child each day and keep them in a happy and safe environment then you're doing the right thing. We're all going to be managing our day to day lives differently so do what works for you. 


Any problems then please do make contact via the email details outlined in the letter from Mrs Vanstone. 


Thank you

Mim Metcalfe

In English we have been looking at the story of Beegu by Alexis Deacon. Beegu was an alien who crash landed on earth and needed to find some friends. We have been exploring lots of ideas from this text and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. 


We are using the story structure to imitate and innovate and the children have been hard at work learning our own version of the story. Perhaps we will post a video on here once it's finished!


In order to write our own space story we have brought our own little alien characters to life. They are a work in progress but enjoy the photos of them being created. We followed instructions to make salt dough, moulded it into our character and then painted it. Ask your child about their super power or special alien skills...

Our Alien Creations

In science we have been learning about materials. We were detectives and took our clipboards out around school to see what different materials we could find. We will be thinking more about the properties of these in the next few weeks. 


We carried out an experiment to find out if we could change the shape of a solid. We chose chocolate and ice!

The children made a prediction and we worked as a class to see how we could alter the shape of a cube of chocolate and a cube of ice. Of course, we thought it best if we ate as  we experimented and tried a solid chunk of chocolate and then had a finger dip once it had melted. Some of us even started to think about reversible and irreversible change! 

We have had a busy start to the term!  Our topic of space has seen us encounter some strange things... We had to be detectives and see if we could work out how on earth a UFO crash landed in our playground - the mystery is still unsolved!



Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot! We made delicious chocolate apples, space rockets and a HUGE model of The Houses of Parliament. Whilst we watched Guy Fawkes burn on the fire, we enjoyed our apples. Did you eat the sprinkles and chocolate first, or have a bite of apple too?

Fun with our very own Flat Stanley characters. Can you spot yourself as a flat creation? We had such fun with our characters at home - some even went on holiday!