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Class information presentation - some useful information

We went to church as a class to give thanks for Queen Elizabeth ll

Look at those smiles! We had lots of fun in our music and movement during our PE session.

Welcome back Bullfinch! We've had a lovely day settling back into school.

It was a brilliant pirate day with fun at the beach! Punch and Judy was a huge hit and lots of laughs had. We followed this with a treasure hunt and then chance to walk the plank and play in the sand. We cooled off in the afternoon with water play and rounded off the day with a delicious ice cream!

Dragon caves were the order of the day! We are thinking about dragon stories and in preparation for our own retellings, we created caves for our dragon to live in! We foraged for bits on the field, then got busy making a house fit for our make believe dragon friends!

Over half term, some of us got creative making our own bugs or somewhere for them to live. Look at our creations!

Silky, the chicken and her baby chick came to school today. We learnt a lot about them! They will now be the stimulus for our poetry work.

Bonfires, astronauts and space biscuits!

Moon Buggies - Axles and Wheels

On a dark dark hill, there was a dark dark town…. Watch out for the Funnybone skeletons!

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We used our beautiful sunflowers for our maths and art focus today. We tried to estimate how many sunflower seeds we had. There were just too many to count but we did some clever counting in tens, hundreds and even thousands! We used the seeds to count and practiced our number formation too. Our tallest sunflower is about 3 metres and 30 centimetres tall. We could only do a rough measurement using metre rules. It was taller than all our estimations! Keep an eye out on here for our art work - painting and wool wrapping today.

Welcome back Bullfinch - September 2021

We celebrated the end of this half term by taking a walk up to the church, sharing a story with Revd. Gemma, singing, playing and eating strawberries. The sun shone on us and it was a glorious afternoon!

We have loved learning new songs to help us with our understanding of The Great Fire. You may have heard snippets, but here they are in their entirety. They tell the story!

In 1666, London burnt like rotten sticks!

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We need a leader!

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London Bells!

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London Town

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So much work went into this unit of work on The Great Fire of London. We have loved every minute, but today we enjoyed the climax of it as we burnt Old London.

Building our replica Old London Town. From the start of the process to the finished house!

We had the opportunity to practice our news reporting skills in front of Chaffinch. It was quite daunting, but many of the class gave it a go. We were very proud! Chaffinch gave excellent feedback and were a super audience!

We planted sunflowers at the front of school to remember the inspirational Captain Sir Tom Moore. Enjoy watching them grow!

We have been roving reporters, capturing the events of The Great Fire in order to write a newspaper article. The children have worked so hard to include exciting, engaging language and vocabulary choices.

Delicious, juicy strawberries for a treat!

We released all our froglets and remaining tadpoles back to their natural habitat. In order to do this safely, we had to gently scoop them out of the water. We did this by lowering our hand under the surface and letting the tiny frog hop on. It was a weird sensation! We moved quickly, yet quietly to transfer them to a container for transportation. It was also important that they didn't stay on our warm hands for any longer than necessary! 

We tried to capture the moment with photos, but they liked to hop...and hop...and hop!

We're hopping mad for frogs.... Our tadpoles are literally changing under our very noses! Can you spot us hopping for our maths? We were counting in 2s, 5s and 10s!

London's Burning, London's Burning..... We made bread to start off our topic on The Great Fire of London. It is believed that the fire started in the bakery on Pudding Lane, so we got into role and made our own!

London's Burning, London's Burning.....


We made bread to start off our topic on The Great Fire of London. It is believed that the fire started in the bakery on Pudding Lane, so we got into role and made our own!

Signs of Spring - we explored the grounds and headed over to the field to find signs of spring. It inspired some of our writing and art work too!

Our tadpoles are growing so fast - I wonder if we'll have any back legs before we break up for Easter?

It's so good to all be back together again - special times with friends!

Our DT work - canoe creations! Can you tell your grown ups how you made it?

Welcome Back Beautiful Bullfinch


We can't wait to welcome you all back to Bullfinch, especially our new year one friends. We have lots of exciting things planned and I know we'll have a lot of fun!

Take a look at the photos of our display boards. Can you spot your photo on our Spring Display? If not, you can still email in your photo to put on there this week. 


Underneath the display you'll see some books. Some relate to our Polar Explorer topic but two relate to something completely different. I have added something else for you to enjoy this term - do you know what it might be? 

A campfire, hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows to celebrate the end of term.

We were so lucky to receive special Christmas badges that had been personalised for each of us by Sue. We took time to study them and enjoy the feel of them in our hands. We drew round them and thought about the things that make each of us special and unique. Once this was done, they were hung in our wreaths ready to go home.

Christmas lunch, fun and games!

Creating the art work that went with the poem, 'Wonder'. We took a line of the poem at a time and built the scene up as we interpreted the words.

Wreath Making - Wow, what superb florists Bullfinch are. They have made the most amazing Christmas wreaths! Have a look through our slideshow to see how hard they worked to get the final result. The smell in our classroom absolutely epitomises the time of year!

Lots of scientific fun with balloons - we investigated air pressure and static electricity.

Kite making. How high did you make yours fly?

Our leaf art - can you recognise the animals we've made? Do you know which tree your leaf came from?