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June 2023: the year 4 librarians enjoyed hosting a family open library and worked so hard. Well done team 📚🔖📖

May 2023: working outside encourages our language development and imagination. We were imagining ourselves to be as tiny as a Minpin and writing a descriptive paragraph.

Speaking and listening skills are so important but don't always come easily. We use creative and encouraging stimuli to give opportunity to all. These photos show a recent outdoor class based on building language and communication skills.

We celebrated World Book Day this March by making a book in box of our favourite story book. This tableau was a creative way to show the wide variety of books we love.

LKS2 participated in the Eagle House spelling challenge and made us all proud coming 9/32 teams. More importantly, they really enjoyed the competitive experience and had fun puzzling over words and phrases!

Bullfinch worked so hard on their beautiful poems inspired by Kit Wright. They loved sharing them with Chaffinch and our lovely year 3 and 4 provided some valuable peer assessment.

World Book Day 2022 was brilliant fun. We explored books and storytelling through art, pe, quizzes and acting. What a day! 😍

We are explorers! We used tablets and dictionaries to explore ambitious vocabulary to use as weapons against boredom!

Our KS2 bookclub like to hang out together, eat biscuits and talk about books! Their current book is The Butterfly Lion by Michael Moporgo

Real writing opportunities - a field trip around our local area for persuasive writing and for recounts.

Celebrating great writing by sharing our work between classes.

Oracy at work

Collaboration and discussion increases our vocabulary and understanding.  It also gives us new perspectives and ideas. We don't just use language to interact, we use it to 'interthink' too. That is, we share thoughts aloud and so influence others whilst their words influence us, so a new shared understanding can be created in the process.  

Chaffinch Class have been using our outdoor area to inspire our writing at the end of a unit on descriptive story settings.  We each imagined we were one of Roald Dahl's Minpins, with a head no bigger than the size of a pea.  Then we placed a piece of string in the garden to show the path we must travel as a tiny person.  After collecting our ideas in the garden, we all wrote a superb descriptive paragraph using adjectives, adverbs, simile, personification and prepositions.    We were so proud to read our work out to each other!

Planning our Journey as a Minpin

Examples of the end result.