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Pupil views

We asked some of our children to comment on their Maths lesson today (20.9.21).  Here's what they told us:


Did you enjoy today's lesson? 


Year 1 - Yes. I love maths. It helps me with counting.

Year 2 - Yes. It was fun. We learn a lot. We like learning. It fills your brain with cleverness.

Year 3 - Yes. It was fun.

Year 4 - Yes

Year 5 - Yes. I like maths. It calms me down and makes me feel positive.

Year 6 - Yes. It makes me think. I like tricky problems. It makes me think harder.


What did you learn that was new today? 


Year 1 - we were counting 'How many things'. we were counting to 10.

Year 2 -  we were splitting numbers to see how many 10s and how many 1s. We had whole part models for 2 digit numbers.

Year 3 - We were counting in 50s. 

Year 4 -  It was an end of unit check.

Year 5 - We looked at partitioning big numbers in different ways.

Year 6 - We learnt different ways of multiplying a 4 digit number. We were exploring different methods.


How hard was todays lesson on a scale of 1-10?


Year 1 - 1 easy

Year 2 - 2 some of it was hard.

Year 3 - it was about 5. 

Year 4 - About 6.

Year 5 - Maybe 5

Year 6 - 5 or 6 - it was a bit of a challenge. Some of the new methods were trickier.


How do the adults in the lesson help you to learn?  


Year 1 - they use things to show us

Year 2 - they help you see mistakes.

Year 3 - If we get stuck, a teacher will help us. We have Magic Maths sometimes to help us if we're really stuck.

Year 4 - Teachers explain what we did wrong. 

Year 5 - Teachers help us work it out. We have Keep Up Maths after lunch if we need extra practice.

Year 6 - The teachers give us hints or clues to solve the problems.


Have you been successful today and how do you know?  


Year 1 - Yes. I checked. I knew I'd drawn 8 circles and it be 7 circles. I made a mistake but I think I could get it right.

Year 2 - yes - I understand it.

Year 3 - Yes - It's much quicker to count in 50s.

Year 4 - The end of unit check helps us to remember what have done.

Year 5 - Yes. I feel like I fully understand. I felt positive.

Year 6 - Yes - I understood it more by the end. We get feedback in the lesson which helps.


What do you think you need to learn next? 


Year 1 - count much bigger numbers. Maybe up to 100.

Year 2 - Harder things like bigger numbers up to 100.

Year 3 - maybe counting in bigger numbers.

Year 5 - Maybe partition with decimals.

Year 6 - Perhaps focus on one method and build it up with bigger numbers.

In Spring 2019, the children began to use their own journals in maths lessons. When talking to the children in KS2, they responded positively to the use of maths journals.

  • Y4: I like it because, I don’t have to mess about with white boards
  • Y4: It helps us to remember what we’ve done in the lesson
  • Y5: It’s really handy; when we do independent work and we’re stuck, we can look in the journals for clues to help us
  • Y5: The journal helps me. When I’m in trouble, I can find something that I’ve written that will help me.
  • Y5: You’ve got more space than on whiteboards.