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October 2022


It was a pleasure to talk to some of the KS2 children today about their French lessons. They were an enthusiastic group who were very positive about learning languages.


What do you enjoy about learning French?

Y6 - I've enjoyed learning colour names and using them to describe animals. I like being able to say things in other languages.

Y5 - The French sacks are fun. I like learning to make French food. The songs are the best part - they help you remember the French words.

Y4 - We've learnt words like stand, sit, look, listen. It's good to keep saying the words again and again to help you remember them.

Y3 - We like finding out what French words mean. I like the French sac - it was fun making the crepes and playing the games.


What did you learn in your last lesson?

Y6 - We learnt a French song to remember the colours. We learnt the feminine words for colours.

Y5 - We learnt how to describe animals with colours.

Y4 - We have learnt commands.

Y3- We learnt to count to 5.


Why is it important to learn to speak another language?

It helps you with some jobs. 

You can do a language degree at university.

It's nice to speak a language when you go on holiday.

It helps you learn to speak other languages: French, Spanish and Italian are all Latino languages and are similar.

My dad speaks Spanish and it's good when you are in another country that speaks Spanish.


When is it easy and when is it hard? What helps you?

Y6 - It's easy when I can use my knowledge from last year but it's trickier to put it into  a new sentence. We can look at the board for examples to help us.

Y5 - I can remember colours because it's in my vocabulary book. The French dictionary is really useful.

Y4 -  the songs are really helpful to make it easy to remember.

Y3 - songs make it catchy.


How do you know if you've done well in the lesson?

Y6 - The teacher gives us praise. If I can help others, I know I've done ok.

Y5 - We get positive comments and nods

Y4 - The teacher says tres bien.


What do you think you'll learn in the next lesson?

Y6 - we'll be describing more things.

Y5 - we need to have the right grammar to write sentences.

Y4 - I want to learn about French culture

Y3 - Maybe higher numbers like 5-10