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Poetry and rhythm performances ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™Œ

Connecting to our world through the arts from collage, letters to the new Prime Minister and retelling of traditional tales Chaffinch Class had great ideas ๐Ÿ’ก

A great start to our arts week as we connected to our bodies through percussion ๐Ÿช‡

Active maths: a great way to learn coordinates and translation

Celebrating the Spring tradition of Maypole dancing. So joyful ๐Ÿฅฐ

Science Rocks! We had a wonderful science lesson exploring our local area for the three types of rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Then we considered their usage in buildings etc. We explored with magnifying glasses, tape measures, and pipettes to look at their texture and explore how porous they were. Finally, we explored a fascinating picture book that showed us all about the world beneath our feet as we dig deeper and deeper towards the earth's core. .

Invitation to our Learning Event March 26th 2024

Chaffinch Viking Day—Tuesday 26th March 2024

We will travel back in time, for the whole day, to understand more about how the Vikings cooked, built homes, communicated and spent their ‘leisure’ time.   Please dress warmly for outdoor learning in lots of layers and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.  If you  would like to dress as a Viking, that would be great, but you will also need a waterproof jacket etc as lots of the learning will take place outside.   

Also, and very importantly, we would like to invite parents and or grandparents /family members etc to join us for our Spring Family Learning Event  from 2.30pm to learn alongside the children and share in their enjoyment.  Please let us know if you can attend so we can  prepare accordingly.  Thank you.



Viking Art

Home Learning Spring Term 2024

Celebrating World Book Day

Design Technology: linkages, levers, pivots and pop-ups in our own river fact books.

We made a never ending landscape of rivers showing key facts from major rivers of the world. English, geography and art combined ๐Ÿ˜

Rivers: we had the privilege of hearing from a real life explorer, Sandra, who told us all about her time in Papua New Guinea with people who lived on and in the River Sepik. It was so interesting to see the photos and the artefacts.

The power of prayer: Mrs Fox shared her views on prayer and the children asked some very interesting and insightful questions.

October 2023: we really enjoyed showing our river dance to Bullfinch Class. They loved seeing our interpretation and spotted lots if features in our dance such as waterfalls, pools, bridges, rapids and the mouth. Our favourite feedback was "It was a feast for the eyes!"

October 2023: today was our Geography Field Trip to the River Pang. We measured the flow the width and the depth of the river. We also looked at the habitat and creatures in the area. It was an amazing day full of awe and wonder!

Science: look what we found in the garden during our invertebrates hunt...

Welcome to Chaffinch September 2023

September 2023 - Making rivers to learn new vocabulary

September 2023 - year 3 are representing numbers up to 1000 in lots of different ways.

Pneumatic systems in action: as part of our design technology leaning about using air in a linea system, we explored stomp rockets in the park. Once I'd figured out the construction, we had a blast!

Using our pneumatic systems to make models of Finchampstead wildlife move.

July 2023: we had a very productive sports day practice today. Lots of good team spirit and enjoyment as we ran, jumped and threw our way through the afternoon๐Ÿ˜

Chaffinch Scarecrow Sculptures. Thank you for supporting Chaffinch with the equipment for our Sculptures Art Project. We have had great fun constructing our scarecrows today.

What a wonderful day at Moor Green Lake Nature Reserve! We learnt so much about all the insects and pond life as well as birds and bats! Active outdoor learning at it best.

Quiet contemplation ๐ŸŒฟ June 2023 ๐ŸŒฟ We are learning how to help our body and mind relax by finding space in the busy timetable for relaxation and reflection. Such a beautiful place to practice ๐Ÿ˜Š

RE May 2023: Understanding Hinduism. Today we learnt more about puja and murtis. We enjoyed exploring a puja tray in the classroom.

Our class book for Summer Term is Danny the Champion of the World. We had fun finding out what we were reading with a taste of pheasant, a feather ๐Ÿชถ and our own book to read. I wonder where our discussion will take us?

Ancient Egyptian Day: A RECOUNT FROM THE DAY: On Thursday 23rd March, I took part in an amazing day in Chaffinch Class when my friends and I all went back in time to ancient Egypt. It was one of the most fun learning activities I have ever done in school and I think I will remember it forever. We were even allowed to come to school dressed up in Egyptian costumes. When I walked into the classroom, it had been transformed into the inside of a magical pyramid. The walls were golden brown and cushions and cloths covered the floor. There was even a camel in the middle of the room. I thought my eyes were tricking me, and my nose too because the scent of roses and jasmine filled the air.

We met Shelby the tortoise so we could learn about this reptile and write our news reports.

History - Do you know how to mummify a tomato? We explored the Ancient Egyptian way of preserving a body

Christmas lanterns for our contemplative walk through school๐Ÿ•ฏ๏ธ

Roman's in Britain learning celebration Dec 22

Countdown to Christmas! Our performance was magnificent.

In Food Technology we have been investigating, designing, planning, making and evaluating a healthy sandwich. We had great fun making and tasting our own lunch and then enjoyed our creations in the classroom.

Our 'eggsperiment': looking at the impact of sugar and acid on a substance similar to tooth enamel.

In Science we have been learning about the digestive system and the functions of each stage. (October 22)

Today we walked to church to remember our Queen. We prayed, lit a candle and thought deeply about the difference one person can make in the world.

Thankfulness - September 2022

We have been thinking about our value of thankfulness.  Here all all the things we are thankful for:


  • we can learn with our friends
  • our teachers are kind and caring
  • all the fun learning we do
  • the resources that help us to learn
  • everyone is so welcoming
  • everything in Chaffinch!
  • our friends look after each other
  • we go on lots of trips in Chaffinch
  • we get to learn new things all the time
  • we can use new equipment
  • there are always friends waiting to help us
  • we have beautiful plants in  our classroom and our gardens
  • learning is fun

Autumn Term 2022 - we have had a lovely few days getting to know all our new teachers and classmates in Chaffinch. We have been reading The Planet in a Pickle Jar by Martin Stanev and have made our own jars full of all the things we'd like to preserve for our grandchildren's grandchildren's grandchildren. What would you preserve? .

Swimming survival skills: June 2022.

Follow this link to see photos of us in the water ๐Ÿ’ง

Check out some active photos of our learning on the RE photo page - we acted out the parable of the workers in the vineyard (May 2022). Follow this link:

Philosophy for children: the present ๐ŸŽ we all wrote questions based on the film.

Questions generated:

Should you judge people by how they look?

Why are some people mean to animals?

Can gifts make you feel better about yourself?

Do computer games make people angry?

Do pets make people happy?

Do video games make you mad?

How does playing outside help people?

Can we treat living things the same even though they have disabilities?

Can animals help people feel calm and happy?

How can animals help you?

Why do people hurt others over their looks?

Can animals help humans?

Why do we feel better when we find someone or something else the same as us?

Not Philosophical:  Why did the boy hurt the dog? Does the boy not like the dog with a missing leg?

Chosen:  How can animals help people?  Is it fair to the animal? 

The class had a really interesting debate about how animals can help people in roles such as police dogs, sniffer dogs, guide dogs, messenger dogs and pigeons in wartime, therapy pets and general pets at home.  Horses can get you places and are used for enjoyment.  Also, we talked about how adopting animals in the wild (tigers in India or orangutans in Borneo) can help people take care of the planet and be responsible.  Should we eat animals?  Some animals are bread to do a job so is it better that they are born to help people rather than never live at all.  Animals can be bored if they're not doing interesting things, or if they’re not with people, so letting them use their natural talents is the kindest thing to do.  All animals should just be free and not be pets but…would they starve to death then and what if they needed a vets help? 

Design Technology April 2022- Viking Money Pouches

Family learning event April 2022

Viking day 2022 - we ended our learning about the viking Invasion and Anglo Saxon life with an exciting day where we cooked, built and performed to embed our learning.

Chicks and Easter symbolism. We have been thinking about the link between Easter and Passover. Eggs play an important role in both festivals. It was so special to have a visit from a chicken and her chick ๐Ÿค

Mental health champion training March 2022: we learned why mental health matters, discussed a wide vocabulary of feelings and emotions, played games to help us role play how to help others and learned strategies to help us help ourselves and the wider community. Such a valuable day and important certificate to achieve.

World book Day celebrations March 2022 included reading, acting, art, pe and fun fun fun. What a wonderful celebration of books!

A Healthy Breakfast is so important. Now we know what to make , how to make it and where it comes from. Thank you to the West Berkshire Farming and Agriculture team for leading this exciting workshop.

We are enjoying reading How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell and have been inventing our very own species of dragons. Do you like our fact files?

Advocacy Week. On our first day we found out more about what was happening with waste and why it matters. Then we each planned our own response. Here's some of what we got up to:

A special class assembly on self control today (22.11.21). โค๏ธ

Rivers in Action

We had an active and exciting lesson on river terms today as we made our own river in the playground.  We watched in amazement as all the features appeared before our eyes.  It was a great way to learn terms such as confluence, tributary, delta, source, mouth and meander.  We even built dams to cause flood plains.  

Reflections on Remembrance Day

Lots of ideas to support reading in KS2

We had several moments of awe and wonder as we harvested the seeds from our beautiful sunflowers.

Amazing focus! You could have heard a pin drop in our hot write today.

X tables are fun to learn. We used a number stick to encourage fluency in the 8 X tables

Harvest festival fun!