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Pupil voice

Pupil Voice


Pupils across the school were invited to discuss their views on the art work carried out so far this term.


1. Do you enjoy art?

Reception Yes!

Year 1 Yes

Year 2 Yes

Year 3 Yes it's fun

Year 4 yes it's creative

Year 5 Yes

Year 6 Yes definitely.


2. What art have you been doing recently?

Reception Painting

Year 1 Our faces

Year 2 Self portraits

Year 3 Rivers

Year 5 Steps to drawing horses

Year 6 Elgin marbles and the horses. Following steps and tracing. 


3. Are there any artists you have learnt about?

Year 2 Picasso and Andy Warhol

Year 4 Frieda Carlo

Year 6 Greek artists

4. How do the teachers help you?

Reception You call them and they help. They help you not get messy.

Year 2 They take photos to help you make your art photo colourful.

Year 3 They point out the next stages. 

Year 4 They helped us cut out the cardboard because it was hard. 

Year 5 Share lots of details and ideas

Year 6 Modelling

5. Are you always successful?

Recption Yes!

Year 1 Yes!

Year 2 Yes!

Year 3 No

Year 4 We can't say yes because we do make mistakes, especially when we draw with our eyes closed like we did with the feet work!

Year 5 No, not always

Year 6 No, but we always try our hardest. 

6. How do you know?

Year 1 You look at your work and see it's good. 

Year 2 The teacher tells you. 

Year 3 The teacher will talk to us.

Year 4 Our work is marked.

Year 6 Personal choice - does it look good?

7. What will you learn next?

Year 1 Not sure

Year 2 About more artists

Year 3 All about feet and sketching

Year 4 Patterns and mark making.

Year 6 Sketching techniques