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Pupil views

We asked some of our children to comment on their Reading (14.3.22)

They told us lots of interetsing things and the key findings are:

  • In general, our children read regularly at home, both school books, library books and their own 'treasured' books. 
  • Books are changed regularly and they know they dont have to strugle to read; help is available in school to ensure reading is sometimes a challenge but always achievable.   
  • They enjoy reading lessons in school and love finding out the meaning of exciting new words - exploring vocabulary is an area of enjoyment across all classess in school.  


The discusions also helped us to form our plans for the teaching of reading and our next steps are: 

  • Provide updated parental support to talk about reading books at home.
  • Support children in school to ensure approparite book choice in terms of challenge and enjoymnet.
  • Continue daily reading of class books/poetry/articles and discusion of favourite books to encourage discusion of quality texts.  


We asked some of our children to comment on their English lesson today (13.9.21).  Here's what they told us:


Did you enjoy today's lesson? 

Y3 - yes because I really like writing and learning when we talk about it first with the teacher and with my friends. 

Y6- I loved today's lesson. It made me feel good inside.  It was text mapping and drawing helps us to understand the story, even if we struggle to write it all down.  Everyone can do it.  

Y2 - yes because we were modelling with body parts so we were excited about our writing.  


What did you learn that was new today? 

Y4 - poetry doesn't have to rhyme.  I also learned that verbs add detail.  Creeping and flowing are different ways to move.  Slow and fast.

Y2 - I learnt a song about how the body parts are all connected. 

Y3 - that some poems can actually have a' back story' so we can learn more about the people who write them. 


How hard was todays lesson on a scale of 1-10?

Y5 - about a 6.  Some words were challenging and some were easy to understand and draw.

Y3 - about a 7.  It was a bit challenging but I worked in a  group with my teacher and that helped me to understand.   


How do the adults in the lesson help you to learn?  

Y6 - if you can easily do it they give you an extra challenge and if it's hard they break it down for you so you understand it.

Y5 - they model it for me on the board.

Y3 - they talk it over with me. 


Have you been successful today and how do you know?  

Y2 - yes because the teacher told me I had got my body parts in the right order.

Y3 - a bit of both because I got 10/10 on my spelling but then I got a bit distracted and didn't finish my poetry questions. 

Y5 - yes I was because my partner gave me good feedback about what I did well and what would make it better for next time.


What do you think you need to learn next? 

Y6 - how to improve my word choices.  Maybe by using a thesaurus.

Y4 - how to read poetry out loud with more expression and to use challenging wow words in my own poems.