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Collective worship and our values in action

School Council have organised an art sale to raise money to help those impacted by the Australian Wildfires.  Each child displayed their art in the hall then took their art home.  Please send in a donation for this important cause to show friendship, compassion and give a little hope to those in need.   Thank you. xx  (Feb 2020) 

Art Sale to raise funds for the Australian RSPCA and Salvation Army 10.02.2020

Reverse Advent Calendar. Please help spread HOPE this Christmas

Sharing and Celebrating Collective Worship and the Impact it has on us all

November 2019 Little Lights | Hope Works | CBC Kids

Working together to give others hope.

When a girl notices a lonely light flashing across the lake, she gathers the neighbourhood kids and all the lights they can find, to send back an answer to a boy who needs a friend.

November 2019 Samuel and Eli. The importance of listening and how do we feel knowing that God is listening?