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Developing fluency in the 8 X table using a number stick.

We investigated shape by making shapes with acute, obtuse and right angles. We also made patterns with one, two or four lines of symmetry. It's great to get big!

Accurate measurement with a clear purpose

Goldfinch: 'Dino-Week' - We continued our celebration of all things dinosaur with our Family Learning event. We scaled up dinosaur footprints; everyone was astounded at the size of an ultrasaurus footprint.

Goldfinch: we had to work in teams to figure out how we could use a pencil and a trundle wheel to work out the height of the trees at the park. How would you do it?

Goldfinch: we used Place Value equipment to help us visualise what happens when we multiply 2-digit numbers together:

Goldfinch: we used our knowledge of place value to divide 3 digit numbers. The concrete apparatus helped us to understand the maths behind the equation.