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Capacity was proving a difficult subject in y3/4. Reading scales and estimating were especially hard. A practical lesson made all the difference - and was a great deal of fun! Our governors enjoyed it too.

May 2023: Year 3 have been challenged to tell the time to the nearest minute so we 'unwound' the number line on the clock face and made our own copy.  Now we can see how the numbers 1 to 12 relate to 5 to 60 using the 5x tables.  We also folded it into halves and quarters and thought about 'to' and 'past' the hour.  

January 2023 Y5 Maths: we have been using Cuisenaire equipment to find the equivalence between mixed numbers and improper fractions. Using the concrete equipment helps us to understand the maths behind the written methods.

Year 2 have been exploring 3d shapes, finding out about faces, edges and vertices. After all our hard work, we created some magnificent structures!

Autumn 2022: Busy Bullfinch worked in the environment to harvest acorns. We then estimated, counted in tens and thought about place value before working on our number formation and ordering.

Summer 2022: cross curricular maths today as we looked at how much a holiday to our chosen European country would cost. We researched alternative travel and accommodation options then used rounding and column addition to work out the total cost.

Summer 2022: we were so pleased to be able to send teams to the Y6 Eagle House Maths Challenge and the Y5 Luckley School Maths Challenge. They were excellent ambassadors for our school.

June 2022: Year 5 have been learning to draw, measure and calculate angles. How would you draw an angle of 280 degrees if you only have 180 degrees on your protractor?

Year 3 and 4 : today we made number lines to help aid our understanding of time. We divided a '60 whole' into halves and quarters , then 12 equal parts so we could work out time intervals. We also looked at the concept of to and past the hour. This hands on learning has helped a lot of us to embed our knowledge of time and has helped others to start exploring more about duration, analogue and digital.

Year 6 have been investigating the different dimensions of cuboids with the same volume.

Year 5 are investigating area - but what does a square metre look like?

Developing fluency in the 8 X table using a number stick.

We investigated shape by making shapes with acute, obtuse and right angles. We also made patterns with one, two or four lines of symmetry. It's great to get big!

Accurate measurement with a clear purpose

Goldfinch: 'Dino-Week' - We continued our celebration of all things dinosaur with our Family Learning event. We scaled up dinosaur footprints; everyone was astounded at the size of an ultrasaurus footprint.

Goldfinch: we had to work in teams to figure out how we could use a pencil and a trundle wheel to work out the height of the trees at the park. How would you do it?

Goldfinch: we used Place Value equipment to help us visualise what happens when we multiply 2-digit numbers together:

Goldfinch: we used our knowledge of place value to divide 3 digit numbers. The concrete apparatus helped us to understand the maths behind the equation.