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Upper Key Stage Two Goldfinch



  • The lesson plans are designed to be 45 minutes in length for Years 5/6. There are follow-up activities to each lesson to increase the exposure time in a week
  • Learning in year 5 and 6 is planned in two-year cycles due to the children learning in mixed age classes.
  • The lessons are designed to be progressive and build on prior learning, moving from word to sentence level over the four years
  • In Years 5 and 6 some of the same structures are revisited but only by completing the two year cycle will all the knowledge and skills be covered
  • The lesson plans include ideas for support for the less able and to extend the more able
  • The lesson activities are challenging, varied and interactive and develop listening, reading, speaking and writing skills
  • Interactive whiteboard resources with audio support are provided; purchase of a set of storybooks and phonics book is a requisite to access the scheme and additional resources are recommended particularly for songs and rhymes
  • The choice of vocabulary ensures exposure to all the key phonic sounds and ability to build sentences using grammatical knowledge
  • Who teaches the scheme to ensure high quality lessons is at the discretion of the school but linguistic up-skilling and methodology training is available to support its delivery as well as detailed lesson plans linked to ready-made resource templates and audio recordings of stories and rhymes read by a native speaker
  • It is expected that formative assessment in each lesson informs the planning and teaching of subsequent lesson plans