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June 2022: Goldfinch class have been studying Charles Darwin and his finches as part of our learning about evolution. We used colour shading to show topography on our models of the Galapagos Islands and investigated which type of beak was best for eating nuts and seeds.

March 2022: How much of the circulatory system can you memorise in 30 seconds? Goldfinch played Memory Tag in teams to replicate a diagram of the circulatory system which they then created as 3D information posters. It really helped them to write their explanations in English.

Chaffinch have been investigating germination with our seed heads. We tried cress and grass seed to see which would be the fastest to germinate and which would be the most resilient.

Goldfinch:We visited Winchester Planetarium and Science Museum as part of our science topic about space.

Goldfinch: We were in awe of the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum. It was fascinating to finally see Mary Anning's Ichthyosaurs.