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Parent Mail

10th May 2019

Dear Parents,


I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. This week, although shorter, has felt very busy.  The Year 6 children have their SATs next week and are ready!  I have spoken to them about remaining calm and seeing it as an opportunity to show what they can do.  Mrs Wirth and Mrs Williams do an amazing job of supporting the children with toast and yoga in the morning and treats in the afternoon.  The tests are important and the children have worked very hard; they now need a fun and relaxing weekend.


I have spent time with the Year 1's this week checking their phonics.  They will have their phonics check in June and are all making great progress.  Please continue to support with phonics home learning and reading as this has such a huge impact.  The Year 2 children also have their SATs during May, again they are prepared and have been working very hard.  They will be unaware that they are being tested and will complete 'booklets' which they all enjoy!


I would like to thank all the staff for their continued hard work.  There are such pressures on us all and as a school we try hard to keep this balanced for the children.  I read on the BBC website about schools cutting playtime down to fit in more lessons.  We are proud of our balanced provision and I thank all staff for their commitment to this.


It was such a pleasure walking around school today.  I heard Bullfinch reciting a text in their Talk4Writing, Chaffinch acting and reciting poems and raps, Goldfinch enjoying rounders on the field and Rosefinch not wanting to stop tidying up!!  The Year 5 girls are currently having some extra sport on a Friday afternoon; they were so excited and happy to be doing it.  Sport has such an impact on how we feel so thank you Mr O'Reilly.  Miss Parish  has started her Maternity leave today; we will really miss her and can't wait to meet her baby boy.  We welcome back Mrs Coulson next week and Mrs Gan will be in on a Thursday morning and Friday all day; it will be wonderful to have them both in school.


There has also been so much in the news this week regarding the extensive role of head teachers due to financial pressures on schools.  This is something I would not deny however due to so many generous people and companies we have several exciting projects planned for the summer.  This week we have been informed that the funding from the diocese to redesign the front carpark is available to us.  We therefore plan to separate the pedestrian and vehicle access and in doing so create a lovely outdoor learning space.  Fofsa are in the process of having a banner created and displayed at the front of school.  Through a parent, we have the support of Legal and General in the redecoration of the main corridor from Goldfinch to Bullfinch.  We also have diocese funding to repaint the hall.  Finally and most exciting of all is that a plan has been submitted to Wokingham for planning permission to build a conservatory onto the school as a nurture space; all thanks to Sean Barley from Nirvana Spa.  If approved this will be a wonderful addition to the school and a great space to support and nurture our children.  I feel so fortunate that our school has such incredible support with so much to look forward to.


I wish you all a great weekend and a relaxing one for our Year 6 staff and children alike.

Kind regards

Jacquie Vanstone