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Parent Mail

3rd March 2023

Good afternoon,


I hope you have all had a good week.  It has been lovely to be on the playground this week with some of the new equipment out, the sunshine certainly helps too!  We now have 11 Playground leaders who will take responsibility for the equipment and hopefully organise some games from Monday.


Mrs Paterson had the tricky but very important job of choosing the name for our new guinea pig.  There were so many names that the children suggested that we loved.  These included Rupert, Cookies and Jonny Custard! He has been given the name Crumpet which I think is lovely and the children are pleased.  Well done Isla Hayes for your suggestion.


I wanted to congratulate the WASMA children  for their behaviour, attitude and application at the rehearsal on Wednesday evening.  Mrs Gan and Mrs Coulson work so hard to prepare the children and they were joined by Mrs Hayes and Mrs Martinez on Wednesday.  They were all incredibly proud of our children and Mrs Gan said it was a pleasure to be with them.  A few weeks to go before the Hexagon concert which is very exciting!


On Thursday this week we celebrated World Book Day.  The learning was fantastic to see and I know many of the children enjoyed creating book raps during their Music lessons.  I enjoyed the day in Rosefinch and it was great to see many children learning with focus and precision.

The book boxes and characters made at home were incredible to look at.  We joined together as a school to look at them and celebrate what has been achieved.  Thank you for your support at home and for your creativity.  Whilst we were together we congratulated our new Year 4 Librarians on their new role.  They will begin to fulfill their library responsibilities next week under the wonderful support and leadership of Mrs Shepherd who now leads our library.


We have finished the week with donuts!  Thank you FOFSA for a wonderful sale and thank you parents for supporting, every little certainly helps as we continue to plan for new projects.


Before I close and wish you a wonderful weekend, I wanted to just remind parents about parking in the morning.  It has been noticed that some parents are parking or pulling up on the zigzag lines to drop children off in the morning.  This is unsafe and I thank you in advance for keeping these areas clear during the designated times.


Next week, we will be holding our Learning review meetings on Tuesday and Thursday and I look forward to seeing you then.  Books will be in classrooms for you to have a look.  Children in Key Stage 2 are welcome to join the meeting if you think it will support them in their understanding of their progress and next steps.  We will only share attendance information with those families where attendance is at or below 90% (persistently absent) as we sent information home just a few weeks ago. 


I just wanted to thank you for the support we receive.  Parental support makes such a difference to the children's attitude and progress but also to the staff.  I have received emails of support and thanks from many parents, the staff have enjoyed some treats over the past few weeks in the staffroom and the guinea pigs have been treated too!  The staff all work incredibly hard, with high aspiration and care for every child and working closely with parents makes this not only easier but even more rewarding.  Thank you for all you do to support us.


I wish you a lovely weekend

Jacquie Vanstone