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Parent Mail

16th December 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,


What a week we have had!  It has been such a wonderful celebratory week for our children.  I hope you enjoyed the performances.  It takes courage to stand up on a stage, especially for our little ones.  The perccusion performed with such focus, it is lovely to watch and hear them play.  They all worked with commitment and it is great to see their confidence building over the three performances.  Thank you to all those you donated money to Crisis at Christmas and to the school.  


On Tuesday we had a special day planned with reindeer visiting our school.  Unfortunately this couldn't go ahead due to the weather and the heavy snow fall in Gloucestershire.  We still had a very special assembly and during the day the children were given their reindeer badges for the tree.  They are all individually made and in our assembly we celebrated how unique we all are and how unique the reindeer badges are.  Thank you Mrs Metcalfe and everyone who helped towards this very special badge.


The fortnight has been filled with creativity.  We have lanterns dotted around everywhere in preparation for our Carol service. Goldfinch have been proudly walking around in their DT bootliners whilst Chaffinch designed and made some delicious looking sandwiches.  The DT puppets in Rosefinch and Bullfinch look wonderful and it is lovely to see them so proud.


On Thursday Chaffinch parents were invited for a Roman Learning Event.  It was great to see how confident the children were, how deep their learning is and how passionately they were able to share it.  I loved the song too.  Well done Chaffinch for showcasing such wonderful school and home learning.


This week we have spoken to the children about safety around water/ice with the weather being so cold.  This has been done sensitively and carefully.  It is so important that our children have a clear understanding of the risks.  I encourage you to have conversations at home with your children if you have not already. 


On Monday we will be walking the children up to church in the afternoon for a 2.15pm Carol service.  Please collect from church unless the children are booked into NSsport, in which case we will walk them back to school.  If possible please could your child bring their lunch in a disposable bag and bring in as little as possible.  Each child will be walking up with a lantern (battery candle!) which would be easier without bags to carry as well. Parents can join us for the service. As there will be no PE, please can all children wear school uniform on Monday. 


I would like to finish my news update with the incredible news of our Christmas fair total.  FOFSA have raised an amazing £5002.53.  The committee are so grateful for the support shown and we can't thank them and you enough. More information about how the money will be used will follow in the new year, we have exciting plans! 


I wish you a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week.

With kind regards 

Jacquie Vanstone