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Parent Mail

12th January 2018

Dear Parents,


Our Step it up week has given us such a great start to the year. Every child is making an effort to look smart and it is wonderful seeing the children taking responsibility.  Today I gave out 10 STEP badges (Sorry, thank you, excuse me, please).  On Monday each class will be taking names out of the raffle box for rewards for Stepping up!  Well done to all the children and thank you for the support you give regarding uniform and readiness.


I have decided to install a hand sanitiser by the servery for use by the children at lunch time.  I will let you know once they are in place and you will need to inform your child if you would prefer them not to use it.  We hope this will support any children who may forget to wash their hands before lunch.


As a staff we are developing a vocabulary linked to our values.  The children are going to add their own words to our lists and then I will share this with parents and governors to do the same.  I would like to build up a Values Vocabulary which can be used positively by all.  Our value for this half term is Friendship.


On Thursday 6 parents met for the parent prayer group.  It is wonderful to sit and pray together for the children and families within our community.  I will inform you of the next time we meet.  If you wish to come, please be assured that there is no pressure to speak if you would prefer not to, and if you have children with you we will provide toys for them.  Please use our school prayer box which is by the round table opposite the computer suite and your prayers will be read.


During the afternoon on Thursday the Goldfinch children carried out tours for our prospective parents.  One parent said that after visiting many schools our children were the most confident and proud; I was incredibly proud listening to them.


At lunchtime today the staff will be playing a football match against the Yellow Team  in Goldfinch.  I am sure the teachers will win but I will let you know!


For your information the role of Head teacher has been advertised and interviews will be later this month.  The governors will keep you informed.


Wishing you a lovely weekend


Jacquie Vanstone