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DT Week Request


In the week commencing Monday 11th  December 2017, Goldfinch class will begin their DT project which is to design and make a model of an iron age round house. In order to do this, the children will need a good collection of straight sticks between 30-60 cm. Some thinner, more  flexible sticks would also be useful for weaving. Please may the children collect sticks over the week and weekend if possible.  It would also be helpful if they could bring some string or twine.


Many thanks for your support

Rehearsals are now underway for our Christmas Production. Your child has been assigned a part and we would be very grateful if you could help provide your child with an appropriate costume. To give you an idea, please see the list below:

  • Stars: any kind of star outfit with a  large gold or silver star on the front
  • Stella and  Aurora: as stars but with extra tinsel, sparkly accessories and headband etc
  • Mr Marr: white shirt, trousers, optional tinsel trim, a small pair of wings,
  • Narrators: smart clothing
  • Apprentices: trousers, colourful shirts and tabards with L plates on front and back
  • Wise men: traditional kings costumes ( with crown and ‘gift’ for the king)
  • .Herod: flamboyant robes and a crown
  • Herod’s guards: dark tunics over tops and trousers, ‘Roman’ helmets and spears.
  • Courtiers: ‘silk’ robes and cloaks


The costumes will need to be ready for our final rehearsal day on Friday 8th December.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you have any questions.


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